The stick you scanned is made by Dita USA. Dita creates high performance field hockey sticks in a variety of characteristics for a more personal fit for serious players.  Take the Stick Matcher Quiz and allow it to take your specific needs and personal preference in shape, carbon level, balance point, stiffness, and skill sets to find YOUR Stick Match.

Dita sticks utilize a crisp carbon for more responsiveness. The model number represents the carbon in the stick, the higher the number the stiffer the stick. The lower numbers will have less rebound to help with stopping the ball, while the higher numbers provide more rebound and deflection for those who use that in their game for harder taps, sweep hits, deflected passes and tip-in's on goal.
Exa sticks are designed with a carbon that is equally as powerful as a corresponding Dita stick, but with a much softer receive. Players who want to keep the ball closer to their stick love the touch and feel of Exa sticks. The higher carbon models will allow some deflection for advanced skills as noted with the Dita models but are less stiff.

Field hockey is our passion

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